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the memory unites us with eternity

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Drawing our history

We have been an innovative company in the funeral sector since 1999, when we launched music performed live during the farewell ceremonies to try to alleviate, in part, the pain of loss (music therapy).

In 2005 it was the Posthumous Tribute service, as an alternative to religious service, so that families could have a personalized ceremony (after an interview with them) through the reading of a text in which the development of the life of the deceased was discussed.

In 2020 we have gone one step further and the product that we present to you is… Postcards I don’t forget you.

An emotional detail that takes care of the environment

The postcards are made with 100% recycled paper. In its front part there are different photographs and texts designed, so that, through them, people can be identified with the message. On the back, in the center, you can read the phrase “You’ll never be forgotten“.

We have thought that with the postcards I do not forget you, the bands that the florists put on the wreaths can be recycled so that the relatives, (so far in a generic way), can know who has given that flower arrangement by writing the name of each one of the participants in detail, on the back of the postcard. It does not necessarily have to be a substitute element for the band, but it can be complementary.


The postcard can be attached to the flower arrangement with a sustainable wooden clothespin.

It is known to all that an image is worth a thousand words and there are more than one hundred and sixty images in the catalog that we present to you.

tarjeta postal jamas te olvidaremos
tarjeta postal RFAD

An indelible memory in time

On the other hand, funeral homes, insurance companies and other companies related to the sector may have the opportunity to directly offer their customers this novel, simple and inexpensive product for you, so that families can feel grateful for this emotional detail. and where they can also include, on the back, the logo of your company.


The environment of the relatives of the deceased, through their website or directly in their funeral homes (with small windows where the product is offered), can buy the postcards during the vigil.

They can also be given any other use that you consider, depending on the characteristics of your business.


Family members will be able to keep the Postcards in their homes as a souvenir of the farewell that they will have previously had for their relative, being able if possible and according to the criteria of the funeral parlor that these can also serve to complement the signature book, as well as commemorate anniversaries and the All Souls Day.


Hoping that the new product “Postcards I don’t forget you” meets your expectations and needs, receive a cordial greeting.


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you'll never be forgotten


you'll never be forgotten


you'll never be forgotten


you'll never be forgotten
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